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IPOA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and development of its membership. Our Membership Education Meeting is but one of the many benefits to belonging to IPOA. During each meeting you can expect to hear speakers who focus on issues related to investing and being a professional housing provider. You will also have the opportunity to hear from local Vendor Sponsors and to network with fellow investors in the area. Talking with the experienced investors can save you much time and money and many headaches.


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JULY 13 Meeting
is an
Take a break and join the fun. Bring the family. Bring a friend. Here's is an evening to relax and mingle. Same place and time as our regular meetings so we will see you there.

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Wednesday, June 28 at 6pm - City of Hamilton Council Meeting.

This will do the SECOND READING of the amended Nuisance Ordinance.
CLICK HERE for the Ordinance
You have a right to have your opinion heard.

In order to speak, be sure to come before 6pm and sign the book that is usually at the door. Here is the official description from the City website:

This Audience of Citizens Individuals who wish to make comments regarding items scheduled on the Agenda may speak during this part of the agenda or may reserve the right to speak specifically when that item is up for a vote on Council floor. Individuals who wish to speak regarding items not specifically scheduled may by do so at this time. All individuals who intend to address City Council are required to sign in at the table in the back of the room. Each speaker is allowed 5 minutes.

You can go to their website www.hamilton-city.org, "Agendas & Minutes," "select a category (City Council)," June 14, and download the full agenda.

Read below a letter stating why we have concerns with the current proposed ordinance.


The Investment Property Owners Association does not support the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance because we do not believe that it is, as it is currently written, ready for implementation.

The IPOA does support the spirit of the law. The City of Hamilton absolutely needs a tool that can be used to force some property owners and tenants to change their behavior.

The main concerns with the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance are:

  1. The advisory committee was not transparent and open. Outside input was not sought nor was it allowed. The greater population of Hamilton was not allowed to offer their input—tenants, businesses, owner occupants, chamber of commerce & Fair Housing to name a few.
  2. This ordinance will count violations against properties not units. There is a big difference between a single family house and a 36 unit apartment complex.
  3. Property owners can be cited even when none of their residents have been convicted of a crime. What will the Civil Liberties Union say when a tenant is evicted because of a criminal charge that a judge later dismisses? What about Fair Housing?
  4. The City of Hamilton repeatedly emphasized the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance is about criminal or delinquent acts, but they have continued to describe this ordinance as a tool for getting rid of the drug addicts overdosed in the middle of the street. A person passed out in the middle of the street isn’t going to be charged with a crime even if he is administered narcan if there aren’t any drugs or paraphernalia on him. Just because the paramedics administer narcan does not imply guilt. So, how is it possible that the City of Hamilton can tag a property with a violation if the person did not commit a crime or have delinquent behavior? Or is falling down in the street now a crime?
  5. The City Manager or his designate will be the determining factor for what is considered a Chronic Nuisance and what isn’t. If a property owner merits a closer look, shouldn’t that decision be decided by his peers similar to the nuisance review board?

We would ask that the City of Hamilton consider:

  1. Notify a property owner when a police, fire or medical event happens at the property. Middletown has a system that automatically notifies a property owner when an event occurs. Why count? Why wait? Please send a notice right away.
  2. Cite a single unit on multifamily properties. Identify where the problem is so the property owner can take fact based action within the guidelines of Fair Housing and similar entities.
  3. Invite more City of Hamilton residents and businesses to the table. Not all at once. Control the flow, but invite members of the impacted groups into the meeting for their response and ideas. Pushing it through so that we can see how the ordinance works is bound to step on toes and result in court cases for landlords and the City of Hamilton.

Please read the ordinance. (CLICK HERE to View) and form your own opinion: positive or negative.